[Gluster-users] Project pre planning

Frank Kirschner frank at celebrate.de
Tue Dec 17 08:06:12 UTC 2013

Hello GlusterFS users,
can anybody give me please his opinion about the following facts and
4 storage server with 16 SATA bays, connected by GigE:

Volume will be set up as distributed-replicated.
Maildir, FTP Dir, htdocs, file store directory => as sub dir's in one big
GlusterVolume or each dir in it's own GlusterVolume?

Q2: Set up the bricks as a collection of JBOD's or underlay it with a RAID-5

Q3: A client mounted the GlusterFS from a nfs export of node 1. What if the
server is down - would be a set up with virtual IP triggered by heartbeat a
solution to provide one available fix IP for the clients?

I have everytime two http-server, (FTP server, Mailserver, SMB Server) which
have mounted the GlusterFS by nfs.
The clients are also controlled by heartbeat with a virtual IP which will
use the clients on the network:

Gluster Node1 --+ 
Gluster Node2 --+      +-- http1 --+
                +------+           |--> Clients
Gluster Node3 --+      +-- http2 --+
Gluster Node4 --+ 

Will this work? 

best regards

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