[Gluster-users] Pausing rebalance

shishir gowda gowda.shishir at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 05:26:52 UTC 2013

Hi Franco,

If a file is under migration, and a rebalance stop is encountered, then
rebalance process exits only after the completion of the migration.
That might be one of the reasons why you saw rebalance in progress message
while trying to add the brick

Could you please share the average file size in your setup?

You could always check the rebalance status command to ensure rebalance has
indeed completed/stopped before proceeding with the add-brick. Using
add-brick force while rebalance is on-going should not be used in normal
scenarios. I do see that in your case, they show stopped/completed.
Glusterd logs would help in triaging the issue.

Rebalance re-writes layouts, and migrates data. While this is happening, if
a add-brick is done, then the cluster might go into a imbalanced stated.
Hence, the check if rebalance is in progress while doing add-brick

With regards,

On 10 December 2013 10:39, Franco Broi <franco.broi at iongeo.com> wrote:

> Before attempting a rebalance on my existing distributed Gluster volume
> I thought I'd do some testing with my new storage. I created a volume
> consisting of 4 bricks on the same server and wrote some data to it. I
> then added a new brick from a another server. I ran the fix-layout and
> wrote some new files and could see them on the new brick. All good so
> far, so I started the data rebalance. After it had been running for a
> while I wanted to add another brick, which I obviously couldn't do while
> it was running so I stopped it. Even with it stopped It wouldn't let me
> add a brick so I tried restarting it, but it wouldn't let me do that
> either. I presume you just reissue the start command as there's no
> restart?
> [root at nas3 ~]# gluster vol rebalance test-volume status
>                                     Node Rebalanced-files          size
>     scanned      failures       skipped         status run time in secs
> ---------      -----------   -----------   -----------   -----------
> -----------   ------------   --------------
> localhost                7       611.7GB          1358             0
>      10        stopped          4929.00
> localhost                7       611.7GB          1358             0
>      10        stopped          4929.00
>  nas4-10g                0        0Bytes          1506             0
>       0      completed             8.00
> volume rebalance: test-volume: success:
> [root at nas3 ~]# gluster vol add-brick test-volume nas4-10g:/data14/gvol
> volume add-brick: failed: Volume name test-volume rebalance is in
> progress. Please retry after completion
> [root at nas3 ~]# gluster vol rebalance test-volume start
> volume rebalance: test-volume: failed: Rebalance on test-volume is already
> started
> In the end I used the force option to make it start but was that the
> right thing to do?
> glusterfs 3.4.1 built on Oct 28 2013 11:01:59
> Volume Name: test-volume
> Type: Distribute
> Volume ID: 56ee0173-aed1-4be6-a809-ee0544f9e066
> Status: Started
> Number of Bricks: 5
> Transport-type: tcp
> Bricks:
> Brick1: nas3-10g:/data9/gvol
> Brick2: nas3-10g:/data10/gvol
> Brick3: nas3-10g:/data11/gvol
> Brick4: nas3-10g:/data12/gvol
> Brick5: nas4-10g:/data13/gvol
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