[Gluster-users] mkfs.xfs warning advice needed

Ellison, Bob bob.ellison at ccur.com
Wed Dec 4 16:34:09 UTC 2013

A little off topic, but thought someone here would know off the top of their head...

I'm setting up a new glusterfs system. I have a hardware raid6 configured as 10+2 with a 256K chunk size (so the partition being seen in Redhat is a single LUN). I get a warning when I initialize it with XFS:

[root at lab-ads1 ~]#  mkfs.xfs -f -isize=512 -d su=256k,sw=10 /dev/mapper/c0
mkfs.xfs: Specified data stripe width 5120 is not the same as the volume stripe width 2048

The mkfs seems to work fine (and hence why I characterize the message as a warning).

I've searched around and see this type of message all over the place. But there's never a hint if this is an expected message for such a configuration which can be safely ignored or if I'm severely misinterpreting the man page and performance will suffer as these partitions fill up with data.

Thanks in advance,

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