[Gluster-users] Call for User Stories & Feature Feedback

Jason Brooks jbrooks at redhat.com
Tue Aug 20 00:30:46 UTC 2013

Greetings, Gluster Users:

We're starting up a new Case Studies section on the Gluster project web site,
and we need your help populating it with tales of your triumphs and travails.

Share with us a bit about how you're using Gluster today, and about what's 
most important to you as Gluster development moves forward, and you'll help 
bring Gluster to the attention of new users while bringing your needs and use 
cases to the attention of the project developers.

Tell us about your deployment:

* How many Gluster nodes are you running, and what's the hardware and OS 
you're using to host them?

* How much data are you hosting on Gluster?

* What Gluster version are you using, and what sort of Gluster volumes 
(replicated, distributed, etc.) are you using?

* What protocol(s) do you use to access your Gluster storage?

* Looking ahead to the Gluster roadmap, what features/enhancements would
you like to see? 

* Which features on the Gluster 3.5 Proposed Feature List are you most 
interested in? 

* Are there any pet bugs or backport requests you're particularly keen to 
see resolved?

* Anything else you'd like to add, or would like to hear about from other 
Gluster community members?

Please feel free to reply on-list (so we can all learn from your deployment) 
or off-list (if you'd like your feedback to be more discrete). If we intend 
to turn your feedback into a case study for the site, we'll follow up with 
you for any further details or clarification. 

Thank you!



Jason Brooks
Red Hat Open Source and Standards

@jasonbrooks | @redhatopen

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