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Ted Miller tmiller at hcjb.org
Fri Aug 16 16:29:27 UTC 2013

I am looking at glusterfs for a HA application w/o local tech support (don't 
ask, third-world country, techs are hard to find).

My current plan is to do a replica-4 + hot spare server.  Of the four in-use 
bricks, two will be on "servers" and the other two will be on a "client" 
machine and a "hot-backup" client machine.  No striping, all content on each 
local machine, each machine using its own disk for all reading.

Part of my plan is to have a cold-spare server in the rack, not powered on.  
(This server will also be a cold spare for another server).

I am wondering if this would be a viable way to set up this configuration:

Set up glusterfs as replica-5.

1. server1
2. server2
3. client
4. client-standby
5. server-spare

Initialize and set up glusterfs with all 5 bricks in the system (no file 
Install system at client site, and test with all 5 bricks in system.

Shut down spare server.

Once a month, power up spare server, run full heal, shut down.
Power up server-spare for any software updates.

If server1 or server2 dies (or needs maintenance), tell them to power up 
server-spare, and let it heal.

It seems to me that this would be easier than setting up a replica-4 system 
and then jumping through all the hoops to replace a server from scratch.

Comments, reactions, pot-shots welcome.
Ted Miller

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