[Gluster-users] remove-brick removed unexpected bricks

Cool coolbsd at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 12 22:13:41 UTC 2013

remove-brick in 3.4.0 seems removing wrong bricks, can someone help to 
review the environment/steps to see if I did anything stupid?

setup - Ubuntu 12.04LTS on gfs11 and gfs12, with following packages from 
ppa, both nodes have 3 xfs partitions sdb1, sdc1, sdd1:
ii  glusterfs-client                  3.4.0final-ubuntu1~precise1 
clustered file-system (client package)
ii  glusterfs-common                  3.4.0final-ubuntu1~precise1 
GlusterFS common libraries and translator modules
ii  glusterfs-server                  3.4.0final-ubuntu1~precise1 
clustered file-system (server package)

step to reproduce the problem:
1. create volume gfs_v0 in replica 2 with gfs11:/sdb1 and gfs12:/sdb1
2. add-brick gfs11:/sdc1 and gfs12:/sdc1
3. add-brick gfs11:/sdd1 and gfs12:/sdd1
4. rebalance to make files distributed to all three pair of disks
5. remove-brick gfs11:/sdd1 and gfs12:/sdd1 start, files on ***/sdc1*** 
are migrating out
6. remove-brick commit led to data loss in gfs_v0

If between step 5 and 6 I initiate a remove-brick targeting /sdc1, then 
after commit I would not lose anything since all data will be migrated 
back to /sdb1.


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