[Gluster-users] Tunning GlusterFS

Victor Hugo Martinucci Belizário vbelizario at tray.net.br
Fri Aug 2 13:12:43 UTC 2013

-- Hey Masters!

Please help me.

I'm testing GlusterFs on company, working with 2 milions of small files,
total size its 200 GB.
GlusterFs its a very powerfull toll to sync and replicate files, and i
 decide to try it.
The files are in the server srv01, and i did create the server srv02 to
replicate the files and initialize the sync between him.
Created the volume, started the volume and the sync are ok.

But...after 5 hours, just 2 GB of files are in the srv02. The sync its very
very slow...less 1 MB/s.

2 Questions:

1) In the tunning options, what are the better options to tunning the
volume to this cenario, a lot of small files with glusterFS ?

2) i have read in some site, when a client read a file, the Gluster check
all servers for the file integrity, and this make more slow the process.
How i can turn off this feature?

Thanks Very Much,

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