[Gluster-users] Lot a Small files With GlusterFS

Maik Kulbe info at linux-web-development.de
Thu Aug 1 22:21:53 UTC 2013

> 1) In the tunning options, what are the better options to tunning the
> volume to this cenario, a lot of small files with glusterFS ?

There are some hints on several pages when you google for the topic, but I ran a battery of tests with different sets of options and found out, that this highly depends on your environment(connection, disks, etc.)
The easiest thing would be setting an option, benchmarking, setting another value for the option, benchmark again and so on. That way you can squeeze every last bit of performance out of Gluster for your specific workload

Also I would recommend looking into kernel tuning. I've seen 10% to 15% increases for small files latency performance just for the tcp.ipv4.* options. If I remember correctly there was a list of those options somewhere on the Gluster website.

> 2) i have read in some site, when a client read a file, the Gluster check
> all servers for the file integrity, and this make more slow the process.

I would not recommend turning that off. You won't need it the most time, but some day, say, a server crashes and integrity for some files is broken - this will help you there.

> How i can turn off this feature?
> Best Regards, 
> Victor

Just a quick question: How will you use your Gluster-setup - more reading or more writing? If your workload is more reading, you could try the NFS client - in my experience it works faster for reading(faster meaning less latency). Drawback is you won't have the load-balance feature.

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