[Gluster-users] Files losing permissions

Justin Dossey jbd at podomatic.com
Thu Aug 1 19:25:34 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I have a relatively-new GlusterFS 3.3.2 4-node cluster in
distributed-replicated mode running in a production environment.

After adding bricks from nodes 3 and 4 (which changed the cluster type from
simple replicated-2 to distributed-replicated-2), I've discovered that
files are randomly losing their permissions.  These are files that aren't
being accessed by our clients-- some of them haven't been touched for years.

When I say "losing their permissions", I mean that regular files are going
from 0644 to 0000 or 1000.

Since this is a real production issue, I run a parallel find process to
correct them every ten minutes.  It has corrected approximately 40,000
files in the past 18 hours.

Is anyone else seeing this kind of issue?  My searches have turned up
nothing so far.

Justin Dossey
CTO, PodOmatic
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