[Gluster-users] Replicated and Non Replicated Bricks on Same Partition

Heath Skarlupka heath.skarlupka at ssec.wisc.edu
Mon Apr 29 16:19:58 UTC 2013


We currently have a 30 node Gluster Distributed-Replicate 15 x 2 
filesystem.  Each node has a ~20TB xfs filesystem mounted to /data and 
the bricks live on /data/brick.  We have been very happy with this 
setup, but are now collecting more data that doesn't need to be 
replicated because it can be easily regenerated.  Most of the data lives 
on our replicated volume and is starting to waste space.  My plan was to 
create a second directory under the /data partition called 
/data/non_replicated_brick on each of the 30 nodes and start up a second 
Gluster filesystem.  This would allow me to dynamically size the 
replicated and non_replicated space based on our current needs.

I'm a bit worried about going forward with this because I haven't seen 
many users talk about putting two gluster bricks on the same underlying 
filesystem.  I've gotten passed the technical hurdle and know that it is 
technically possible, but I'm worried about corner cases and issues that 
might crop up when we add more bricks and need to rebalance both gluster 
volumes at once.  Does anybody have any insight in what the caveats of 
doing this are or are there any users putting multiple bricks on a 
single filesystem in the 50-100 node size range.  Thank you all for your 
insights and help!

Heath Skarlupka
Systems Administrator
Space Science Engineering Center
University of Wisconsin Madison

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