[Gluster-users] rebalance and its alternatives

Hans Lambermont hans at shapeways.com
Wed Apr 24 19:27:44 UTC 2013

Hi glusterfs users,

For a replicated volume with a brick pair nearly full and several fresh
and empty bricks just added do you think the following would work ?

Walk the nearly-full brick filesystem to find files on it. Use this list
to move them one by one away from the glusterfs volume to temp space,
and then move them back in.
I'm hoping this achieves a brick-targetted rebalance.

Would this work ?

Reason i'm looking into this solution is that a regular rebalance just
takes too long. Long as in 100+ days.

Do you know of other alternatives ? Or to make rebalance start
rebalancing files right away ?

   Hans Lambermont
Hans Lambermont | Senior Architect
(t) +31407370104 (w) www.shapeways.com

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