[Gluster-users] Glusterd refuses to start if a peer doesn't DNS-resolve

Guido De Rosa guido.derosa at vemarsas.it
Tue Apr 16 14:51:31 UTC 2013


I'm using gluster 3.4.0~qa9realyalpha2-1 (Debian experimental package).

1 volume, 2 hosts, "replica 2".

If I use names instead of IP addresses and a peer name does not
resolve, glusterd refuses to start, end exit.

On the contrary, if DNS resolution works, but the peer is down, or if
I use IP addresses (and the peer is down), glusterd starts normally!

Is this difference in behavior normal? Is it a bug? Shouldn't a failed
DNS resolution (for a peer in a replica-set) be trated just like the
event of that peer being down?

Here's an excerpt from glusterd --debug output (gluster1 is the name
of the remote peer):

[2013-04-16 14:46:30.561798] E [glusterd-utils.c:361:glusterd_unlock]
0-management: Cluster lock not held!
[2013-04-16 14:46:30.561806] D
[glusterd-handler.c:2360:glusterd_rpc_create] 0-management: returning
[2013-04-16 14:46:30.561815] D
[glusterd-store.c:3078:glusterd_store_retrieve_peers] 0-: Returning
with 0
[2013-04-16 14:46:30.641643] E
[glusterd-utils.c:4725:glusterd_friend_find_by_hostname] 0-management:
error in getaddrinfo: Name or service not known

[2013-04-16 14:46:30.641674] D
[glusterd-utils.c:4764:glusterd_friend_find_by_hostname] 0-management:
Unable to find friend: gluster1
[2013-04-16 14:46:30.721970] E
[glusterd-utils.c:283:glusterd_is_local_addr] 0-management: error in
getaddrinfo: Name or service not known

[2013-04-16 14:46:30.722008] D
[glusterd-utils.c:302:glusterd_is_local_addr] 0-management: gluster1
is not local
[2013-04-16 14:46:30.722016] D
[glusterd-utils.c:4799:glusterd_hostname_to_uuid] 0-management:
returning -1
[2013-04-16 14:46:30.722023] D
[glusterd-utils.c:792:glusterd_resolve_brick] 0-management: Returning
[2013-04-16 14:46:30.722030] E
[glusterd-store.c:3101:glusterd_resolve_all_bricks] 0-glusterd:
resolve brick failed in restore
[2013-04-16 14:46:30.722038] D
[glusterd-store.c:3108:glusterd_resolve_all_bricks] 0-: Returning with
[2013-04-16 14:46:30.722044] D
[glusterd-store.c:3141:glusterd_restore] 0-: Returning -1
[2013-04-16 14:46:30.722058] E [xlator.c:408:xlator_init]
0-management: Initialization of volume 'management' failed, review
your volfile again
[2013-04-16 14:46:30.722068] E [graph.c:292:glusterfs_graph_init]
0-management: initializing translator failed
[2013-04-16 14:46:30.722076] E [graph.c:479:glusterfs_graph_activate]
0-graph: init failed
[2013-04-16 14:46:30.722261] W [glusterfsd.c:970:cleanup_and_exit]
(-->glusterd(main+0x3df) [0x7f233c323f6f]
(-->glusterd(glusterfs_volumes_init+0xb0) [0x7f233c326c30]
(-->glusterd(glusterfs_process_volfp+0x103) [0x7f233c326b43]))) 0-:
received signum (0), shutting down
[2013-04-16 14:46:30.722282] D
[glusterfsd-mgmt.c:2254:glusterfs_mgmt_pmap_signout] 0-fsd-mgmt:
portmapper signout arguments not given


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