[Gluster-users] How to properly shutdown Gluster (glusterd *and* related processes)

Jay Vyas jayunit100 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 16:54:03 UTC 2013

This is a great question, something I've been wondering.

Reposting some details from jeff darcy's email regarding a similar question
which i asked could help shed some light on this:

1) The daemons that run in gluster are:

        glusterd = management daemon
        glusterfsd = per-brick daemon
        glustershd = self-heal daemon
        glusterfs = usually client-side, but also NFS on servers

2) The lifecycle of the daemons:
*** The others are all started from glusterd, in response to volume start
and stop commands ***
*** They're actually all the same executable with different translators ***
*** glusterfs-server = the server side gluster implementation, which needs
to be instaled for serving gluster data ***

3) When glusterd starts up: It spawns any daemons that "should" be running
(according to which volumes are started, which have NFS or replication
enabled, etc.) and seem to be missing.


If thats the case then I would say that ***stopping glusterd*** should
invert the "starting" of the above processes ... right?
But I would leave it to the gluster vets to answer this definitively...

On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 11:51 AM, Guido De Rosa <guido.derosa at vemarsas.it>wrote:

> Hello list,
> I've installed GlusterFS via Debian experimental packages, version
> 3.4.0~qa9realyalpha2-1.
> ( For the records, the reason I use an alpha release is that I want
> this feature:
> http://raobharata.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/qemu-glusterfs-native-integration/
> )
> I've also followed the Quick Start Guide and now I have a cluster of 2
> virtual machines, each contributing to a Gluster volume with one brick
> each.
> Now my issue:
> Let's assume no machine has actually mounted the Gluster volume.
> If I do:
>     ps aux | grep gluster
> I get a couple of daemons: glusterd, glusterfsd, glusterfs.
> If I do:
>     /etc/init.d/glusterfs-server stop
> I find (re-issuing ps) that glusterd has been terminated BUT the other
> processes (glusterfs and glusterfsd instances) *are still running*.
> (The same happens if I manually kill the glusterd process).
> Is this normal? Doesn't this leave the system in an inconsistent
> state? (For example on system shutdown).
> Should the init script be fixed? (maybe including "gluster volume
> stop" or something)?
> What's the best practice to terminate *all* Gluster related process
> (especially on system shutdown/reboot)?
> Thanks,
> Guido
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