[Gluster-users] Gluster Daemon stops responding

Christian Wittwer wittwerch at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 13:59:41 UTC 2012

Hi everybody,
We run a 4 brick gluster cluster (replicate+distribute) on Ubuntu
12.04 with Gluster 3.3.0-1. Filesystem is ext4. It was running fine since
the release of Gluster 3.3.
But during the last 3-4 weeks we see a strange problem occuring over and
over again. Out of nowhere the Gluster Daemon on a brick stops
responding. The process is still there, but all Gluster clients loss the
If I look at the cmd "top", I see the Daemon running at around 1200% cpu
usage (16 core server). But the cpu column in "ps aux" show around 0% cpu

I think we found a bug in Gluster (or at least I hope so). Is it a known
Can you advise what you exaclty need for a bug report?

Currently we solve the problem with a reboot of the whole server. A kill is
not enough as the process gets in the state "defunct" and is not killable
at all.

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