[Gluster-users] instance stop responding

Jiri Hoogeveen j.hoogeveen at bluebillywig.com
Wed Sep 19 09:33:35 UTC 2012


ubuntu 12.04.01 LTS 64bit
openstack Essex
glusterFS 3.3

We gave 2 openstack nodes which glusterfs share on /var/lib/nova/instances 

When I put a lot of network traffic (100Mbps) to 1 or more instances on the openstack nodes, the instances stop responding after some time (+/- 20min).
I can not connect with VNC or which ssh to the intances that do not response, only after a reboot of the instance, everthing starts working again.

I guess it has something to do with the network load on the instances, this because other instances keep working.

How can I debug this of better solve this issue?

Grtz, Jiri Hoogeveen  

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