[Gluster-users] Setting xattrs failed

Jan Krajdl spm at spamik.cz
Thu Sep 13 21:54:06 UTC 2012


I have problem with glusterfs 3.3.0. I have 4 node cluster with several
volumes. All bricks are ext4 filesystem, no selinux and writing extended
attributes with setfattr works fine. But in brick logs I see messages
like this:
[2012-09-13 12:50:17.428402] E [posix.c:857:posix_mknod]
0-bacula-strip-posix: setting xattrs on /mnt/bacula/fff failed
(Operation not supported)
everytime I create some file on mounted volume. Glusterfs was upgraded
from version 3.2.1. This error I can see on replicated volume which was
there from version 3.2.1 and on stripe volume which was created after
upgrade to 3.3.0. But on one-brick volume this error doesn't appear. On
stripe volume there is some other strange behaviour but I think it's
related to this xattr issue.

On created file with getfattr I can see set attribute trusted.gfid. On
volume itself are attributes trusted.gfid and
trusted.glusterfs.volume-id. According to log it seems that this problem
starts after upgrade to 3.3.0. On 3.2.1 version there wasn't these
errors in logs.

Could you please help me with solving this problem? Thanks,

Jan Krajdl

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