[Gluster-users] Lock during volume profile

Filip Pytloun filip.pytloun at gooddata.com
Tue Sep 11 11:57:37 UTC 2012


I am facing problem with volume profile that works fine until it get locked
for unknown reason.
It is locked for only one peer, I can still execute profile command from
other peers.

This is what I have found in logs of affected peer:

[2012-09-11 13:48:19.154215] I
[glusterd-handler.c:1838:glusterd_handle_cli_profile_volume] 0-management:
Received volume profile req for volume Lookups
[2012-09-11 13:48:19.154288] E [glusterd-utils.c:277:glusterd_lock]
0-glusterd: Unable to get lock for uuid:
66de8a84-c801-45e5-a93d-afdb08535d4e, lock held by:
[2012-09-11 13:48:19.154318] E
[glusterd-handler.c:453:glusterd_op_txn_begin] 0-management: Unable to
acquire local lock, ret: -1

Mentioned uuid is ID of the peer.
Only way to fix this is to restart glusterd.

Is anyone else facing the same issue or does anyone know why it's caused
and how to fix this?

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