[Gluster-users] Re-provisioning a node and it's bricks

Eric epretorious at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 8 17:56:32 UTC 2012

There's a document describing the procedure for Gluster 3.2.x:http://www.gluster.org/community/documentation/index.php/Gluster_3.2:_Brick_Restoration_-_Replace_Crashed_Server

The procedure for Gluster 3.3.0 is _remarkably_ simple:

1. Start the glusterd daemon on the newly re-provisioned server node.
2. Probe the surviving server node from the recovered/re-provisioned server node.
3. Restart the glusterd daemon on the  recovered/re-provisioned server node.

1. Do NOT remove the extended file system attributes from the bricks on the server node being 
   recovered/re-provisioned during recovery/re-provisioning.
2. Verify that any/all partitions that are used as bricks are mounted before performing these steps.
3. Verify that any/all iptables firewall rules that are necessary for Gluster to communicate have 
   been added  before performing these steps.

Eric Pretorious

Truckee, CA

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>It would be great if any suggestions from IRC can be shared on this list. Eric’s question is a common requirement.
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>Eric - was good to see you in San Diego. Glad to see you on the list. 
>I would recommend trying the IRC channel tomorrow morning. Should be someone there who can help you. 
>I've created a distributed replicated volume:
>>> gluster> volume info
>>> Volume Name: Repositories
>>> Type: Distributed-Replicate
>>> Volume ID: 926262ae-2aa6-4bf7-b19e-cf674431b06c
>>> Status: Started
>>> Number of Bricks: 2 x 2 = 4
>>> Transport-type: tcp
>>> Bricks:
>>> Brick1:
>>> Brick2:
>>> Brick3:
>>> Brick4:
>>...by allocating physical partitions on each HDD of each node for the volumes' bricks: e.g.,
>>> [eric at sn1 srv]$ mount | grep xfs
>>> /dev/sda7 on /srv/sda7 type xfs (rw)
>>> /dev/sdb7 on /srv/sdb7 type xfs (rw)
>>> /dev/sda8 on /srv/sda8 type xfs (rw)
>>> /dev/sdb8 on /srv/sdb8 type xfs (rw)
>>> /dev/sda9 on /srv/sda9 type xfs (rw)
>>> /dev/sdb9 on /srv/sdb9 type xfs (rw)
>>> /dev/sda10 on /srv/sda10 type xfs (rw)
>>> /dev/sdb10 on /srv/sdb10 type xfs (rw)
>>I plan to re-provision both nodes (e.g., convert them  from CentOS -> SLES) and need to preserve the data on the current bricks.
>>It seems to me that the procedure for this endeavor would be to: detach the node that will be re-provisioned; re-provision the node; add the node back to the trusted storage pool, and then; add the bricks back to the volume - *but* this plan fails at Step #1. i.e.,
>> * When attempting to detach the second node from the volume, the Console Manager 
>>   complains "Brick(s) with the peer exist in cluster".
>> * When attempting to remove the second node's bricks from the volume, the Console 
>>   Manager complains "Bricks not from same subvol for replica".
>>Is this even feasible? I've already verified that bricks can be *added* to the volume (by adding two additional local partitions to the volume) but I'm not sure where to begin preparing the nodes for re-provisioning.
>>Eric Pretorious
>>Truckee, CA
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