[Gluster-users] Adding bricks without infiniband to an "infiniband" volume

Jon Tegner tegner at renget.se
Thu Sep 6 12:31:16 UTC 2012


have a volume, consisting of two bricks:

Volume Name: glusterStore2

Type: Distribute

Status: Started

Number of Bricks: 2

Transport-type: tcp,rdma


Brick1: toki:/mnt/raid10

Brick2: yoshie:/mnt/raid10

Now, I would like to extend this volume, and I have two suitable
machines, but these are not equipped with infiniband, and I wonder if it
is OK to just add these two to the volume? Using:

"gluster volume add-brick glusterStore2 kumiko01:/mnt/raid6"


"gluster volume add-brick glusterStore2 kumiko02:/mnt/raid6"


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