[Gluster-users] Performance after failover

Torbjørn Thorsen torbjorn at trollweb.no
Tue Nov 27 15:44:53 UTC 2012

Hey, all.

I'm currently trying out GlusterFS 3.3.
I've got two servers and four clients, all on separate boxes.
I've got a Distributed-Replicated volume with 4 bricks, two from each
and I'm using the FUSE client.

I was trying out failover, currently testing for reads.
I was reading a big file, using iftop to see which server was actually
being read from.
I put up an iptables firewall on the active server, and the client hung, as
After some time, I guess about 30 seconds, the failover kicked in and the
went to the other server, resuming the read.

However, after going to the other server, throughput went from ~100MB/s to
Kicking off a new read after the previous one had succeeded went straight
to the second server,
with throughput still at ~25MB/s.

Is this the expected behavior for clients that have failed over from one
server to another ?

torbjorn at srv18:~$ sudo gluster volume$
Volume Name: testvol$
Type: Distributed-Replicate$
Volume ID: 90636b5d-0d57-483c-bbfd-c0cdab2adaaa$
Status: Started$
Number of Bricks: 2 x 2 = 4$
Transport-type: tcp$
Brick1: srv18.trollweb.net:/srv/gluster/brick0$
Brick2: srv17.trollweb.net:/srv/gluster/brick0$
Brick3: srv18.trollweb.net:/srv/gluster/brick1$
Brick4: srv17.trollweb.net:/srv/gluster/brick1$

Vennlig hilsen
Torbjørn Thorsen

Trollweb Solutions AS
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