[Gluster-users] Using local writes with gluster for temporary storage

Frank Sonntag f.sonntag at metocean.co.nz
Wed Nov 14 19:16:10 UTC 2012


We are interested in exactly the same use case and I am very keen to hear how to do this with gluster after v3.2.


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On 15/11/2012, at 6:45 AM, Pat Haley wrote:

> Hi,
> We have a cluster with 130 compute nodes with an NAS-type
> central storage under gluster (3 bricks, ~50TB).  When we
> run large number of ocean models we can run into bottlenecks
> with many jobs trying to write to our central storage.
> It was suggested to us that we could also used gluster to
> unite the disks on the compute nodes into a single "disk"
> in which files would be written locally.  Then we could
> move the files after the runs were complete in a more
> sequential manner (thus avoiding overloading the network).
> What was originally suggested (the NUFA policy) has since
> been deprecated.  What would be the recommended method
> of accomplishing our goal in the latest version of Gluster?
> And where can we find documentation on it?
> We have seen the following links, but would be interested
> in any more pointers you may have.  Thanks.
> http://thr3ads.net/gluster-users/2012/06/1941337-how-to-enable-nufa-in-3.2.6
> http://blog.aeste.my/2012/05/15/glusterfs-3-2-updates/
> http://www.gluster.org/2012/05/back-door-async-replication/
> https://github.com/jdarcy/bypass
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