[Gluster-users] Using local writes with gluster for temporary storage

Pat Haley phaley at MIT.EDU
Wed Nov 14 17:45:22 UTC 2012


We have a cluster with 130 compute nodes with an NAS-type
central storage under gluster (3 bricks, ~50TB).  When we
run large number of ocean models we can run into bottlenecks
with many jobs trying to write to our central storage.
It was suggested to us that we could also used gluster to
unite the disks on the compute nodes into a single "disk"
in which files would be written locally.  Then we could
move the files after the runs were complete in a more
sequential manner (thus avoiding overloading the network).

What was originally suggested (the NUFA policy) has since
been deprecated.  What would be the recommended method
of accomplishing our goal in the latest version of Gluster?
And where can we find documentation on it?

We have seen the following links, but would be interested
in any more pointers you may have.  Thanks.





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