[Gluster-users] problem with oVirt as GUI to manage

Raymond Power raymond.power at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 14:47:56 UTC 2012

starting from version 3.3 the Management Console (GUI) is no longer

supported, and oVirt is recommended as GUI to manage Gluster.  Here is a

few problems after I tried the oVirt:

1. oVirt can only be installed on Fedora, I have to install Fedora and

download about 500MB oVrit engine packages for the installation. This is

not GOOD for an easy setup!!

2. the oVirt is majorly meant for managing VMs, networks, hosts, and a bit

storage. Be honest,it's quite big and complex, while we only care about

managing Gluster storage. It's more like using a big hammer to kill a

mosquito, very clumsy.

I don't know for whatever reasons RedHat decided to drop the Management

Console, but the old good Management Console is very handy for managing

gluster. Would the community resume the support of the Management

Console ?  I would like to be a volunteer.

- Raymond
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