[Gluster-users] 2 x the same file in directory

Jiri Hoogeveen j.hoogeveen at bluebillywig.com
Mon Nov 5 11:08:12 UTC 2012


We have a strange issue. We see, two the same files in the same directory.
We see the same issue on NFS and native glusterfs client.

ls -li
10059405875149890901 -rw-rw-r-- 303 524 500   1928880 Oct 30 16:59 filename.mp3
10059405875149890901 -rw-rw-r-- 303 524 500   1928880 Oct 30 16:59 filename.mp3

How is this possible and how can we solve this.

If more information is needed from me, please ask.

Grtz, Jiri

Some info about the setup.

glusterfs version: 3.3.1
OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Number of peers: 8
Number of bricks: 48
Number of volumes: 2
Each disk is 3TB formatted with xfs.

root at gluster-brick-01n1:~# gluster peer status
Number of Peers: 7

Hostname: gluster-brick-04n1
Uuid: 0c52659d-5347-444d-b0e7-05516697c806
State: Peer in Cluster (Connected)

Hostname: gluster-brick-03n1
Uuid: c19c4cc6-de08-49a7-a7f4-e17e2c2c4988
State: Peer in Cluster (Connected)

Hostname: gluster-brick-02n1
Uuid: 9f9a317c-dba2-4bf3-af8e-74e72c74d27f
State: Peer in Cluster (Connected)

Hostname: gluster-brick-04n2
Uuid: cc6ebe3c-25ad-438f-a8f6-ae42b15505f3
State: Peer in Cluster (Connected)

Hostname: gluster-brick-01n2
Uuid: d39b43e8-6473-4dd5-8ce4-e7515bc7ab0c
State: Peer in Cluster (Connected)

Hostname: gluster-brick-03n2
Uuid: 71a1db01-58a9-4fe5-8ac5-d2d3f1dafd62
State: Peer in Cluster (Connected)

Hostname: gluster-brick-02n2
Uuid: 31a6a1f6-e965-4ce8-987a-618a9d4c44e6
State: Peer in Cluster (Connected)

root at gluster-brick-01n1:~# gluster volume info  glusterfsvol01
Volume Name: glusterfsvol01
Type: Distributed-Replicate
Volume ID: 1013b94c-7299-46b5-907a-fe7f2ae51f0b
Status: Started
Number of Bricks: 18 x 2 = 36
Transport-type: tcp
Brick1: gluster-brick-01n1:/export/vol1
Brick2: gluster-brick-02n1:/export/vol1
Brick3: gluster-brick-03n1:/export/vol1
Brick4: gluster-brick-01n2:/export/vol1
Brick5: gluster-brick-02n2:/export/vol1
Brick6: gluster-brick-03n2:/export/vol1
Brick7: gluster-brick-01n1:/export/vol2
Brick8: gluster-brick-02n1:/export/vol2
Brick9: gluster-brick-03n1:/export/vol2
Brick10: gluster-brick-01n2:/export/vol2
Brick11: gluster-brick-02n2:/export/vol2
Brick12: gluster-brick-03n2:/export/vol2
Brick13: gluster-brick-01n1:/export/vol3
Brick14: gluster-brick-02n1:/export/vol3
Brick15: gluster-brick-03n1:/export/vol3
Brick16: gluster-brick-01n2:/export/vol3
Brick17: gluster-brick-02n2:/export/vol3
Brick18: gluster-brick-03n2:/export/vol3
Brick19: gluster-brick-01n1:/export/vol4
Brick20: gluster-brick-02n1:/export/vol4
Brick21: gluster-brick-03n1:/export/vol4
Brick22: gluster-brick-01n2:/export/vol4
Brick23: gluster-brick-02n2:/export/vol4
Brick24: gluster-brick-03n2:/export/vol4
Brick25: gluster-brick-01n1:/export/vol5
Brick26: gluster-brick-02n1:/export/vol5
Brick27: gluster-brick-03n1:/export/vol5
Brick28: gluster-brick-01n2:/export/vol5
Brick29: gluster-brick-02n2:/export/vol5
Brick30: gluster-brick-03n2:/export/vol5
Brick31: gluster-brick-01n1:/export/vol6
Brick32: gluster-brick-02n1:/export/vol6
Brick33: gluster-brick-03n1:/export/vol6
Brick34: gluster-brick-01n2:/export/vol6
Brick35: gluster-brick-02n2:/export/vol6
Brick36: gluster-brick-03n2:/export/vol6
Options Reconfigured:
diagnostics.count-fop-hits: on
diagnostics.latency-measurement: on
performance.cache-size: 134217728
performance.io-thread-count: 64
performance.write-behind-window-size: 256MB
performance.io-cache: on
performance.read-ahead: on
auth.allow: 172.16.*
nfs.disable: off
root at gluster-brick-01n1:~# 

root at gluster-brick-01n1:~# gluster volume list                                  

root at gluster-brick-01n1:~# gluster volume status glusterfsvol01
Status of volume: glusterfsvol01
Gluster process						Port	Online	Pid
Brick gluster-brick-01n1:/export/vol1			24016	Y	24598
Brick gluster-brick-02n1:/export/vol1			24016	Y	19733
Brick gluster-brick-03n1:/export/vol1			24015	Y	29290
Brick gluster-brick-01n2:/export/vol1			24015	Y	20989
Brick gluster-brick-02n2:/export/vol1			24015	Y	11353
Brick gluster-brick-03n2:/export/vol1			24015	Y	29312
Brick gluster-brick-01n1:/export/vol2			24017	Y	24604
Brick gluster-brick-02n1:/export/vol2			24017	Y	19739
Brick gluster-brick-03n1:/export/vol2			24016	Y	29295
Brick gluster-brick-01n2:/export/vol2			24016	Y	20994
Brick gluster-brick-02n2:/export/vol2			24016	Y	11359
Brick gluster-brick-03n2:/export/vol2			24016	Y	29318
Brick gluster-brick-01n1:/export/vol3			24018	Y	24610
Brick gluster-brick-02n1:/export/vol3			24018	Y	19745
Brick gluster-brick-03n1:/export/vol3			24017	Y	29300
Brick gluster-brick-01n2:/export/vol3			24017	Y	21001
Brick gluster-brick-02n2:/export/vol3			24017	Y	11365
Brick gluster-brick-03n2:/export/vol3			24017	Y	29324
Brick gluster-brick-01n1:/export/vol4			24019	Y	24616
Brick gluster-brick-02n1:/export/vol4			24019	Y	19751
Brick gluster-brick-03n1:/export/vol4			24018	Y	29308
Brick gluster-brick-01n2:/export/vol4			24018	Y	21007
Brick gluster-brick-02n2:/export/vol4			24018	Y	11371
Brick gluster-brick-03n2:/export/vol4			24018	Y	29330
Brick gluster-brick-01n1:/export/vol5			24020	Y	24624
Brick gluster-brick-02n1:/export/vol5			24020	Y	19757
Brick gluster-brick-03n1:/export/vol5			24019	Y	29314
Brick gluster-brick-01n2:/export/vol5			24019	Y	21013
Brick gluster-brick-02n2:/export/vol5			24019	Y	11377
Brick gluster-brick-03n2:/export/vol5			24019	Y	29336
Brick gluster-brick-01n1:/export/vol6			24021	Y	24630
Brick gluster-brick-02n1:/export/vol6			24021	Y	19763
Brick gluster-brick-03n1:/export/vol6			24020	Y	29320
Brick gluster-brick-01n2:/export/vol6			24020	Y	21019
Brick gluster-brick-02n2:/export/vol6			24020	Y	11383
Brick gluster-brick-03n2:/export/vol6			24020	Y	29342
NFS Server on localhost					38467	Y	1849
Self-heal Daemon on localhost				N/A	Y	12084
NFS Server on gluster-brick-04n1			38467	Y	18752
Self-heal Daemon on gluster-brick-04n1			N/A	Y	1943
NFS Server on gluster-brick-04n2			38467	Y	4240
Self-heal Daemon on gluster-brick-04n2			N/A	Y	24931
NFS Server on gluster-brick-03n1			38467	Y	28504
Self-heal Daemon on gluster-brick-03n1			N/A	Y	18813
NFS Server on gluster-brick-02n1			38467	Y	7730
Self-heal Daemon on gluster-brick-02n1			N/A	Y	27542
NFS Server on gluster-brick-03n2			38467	Y	15799
Self-heal Daemon on gluster-brick-03n2			N/A	Y	4899
NFS Server on gluster-brick-02n2			38467	Y	3537
Self-heal Daemon on gluster-brick-02n2			N/A	Y	16337
NFS Server on gluster-brick-01n2			38467	Y	3651
Self-heal Daemon on gluster-brick-01n2			N/A	Y	28308

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