[Gluster-users] Glusterfs3.2.5 scaling

Amar Tumballi amarts at redhat.com
Fri May 11 06:02:33 UTC 2012

On 05/10/2012 09:39 PM, alfred de sollize wrote:
> We are setting up a 180 node cluster for weather modeling. 2 Storage
> servers with 32GB Ram each. QDR INfiniband interconnect.
> When we run iozone with 1GB perthread (128Kb blocksize) from 32 clients
> (2 iozone threads per client).
> The run succeeds however run fails for 64 clients and we start getting
> "Transport Endpoint not connected" errors.
> There are 10 bricks(5 from each server ) each of ~4.2TB making 42TB of
> export-volume  that is fuse-mounted on the  clients.
> There is no other error in the log files except for "TENC" .

When you say log file, which files are you looking at. Also, which 
version of the glusterfs are you running ?


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