[Gluster-users] Some benchmarks for anyone that's interested..

Scot Kreienkamp SKreien at la-z-boy.com
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I am using local filesystem access so I can do a one-way RSYNC of specific directories to a remote machine.  I can't get geo-replication working anyway, but even if I could there doesn't appear to be any way to tell it to only geo-replicate specific directories.

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On 05/02/2012 02:22 PM, lejeczek wrote:
> thanks for posting
> I'd be curious to see what kind of disproportion you get between:  raw
> fs / single brick volume with local fuse mountpoint which effectively
> points back to the same raw fs
> from my quick tests I saw massive gap between the two
> thanks
>> Tests are:
>> Single Disk (direct, no gluster)
>> Gluster Replicated
>> Gluster Striped Replicated
>> Gluster Distributed Replicated
>> Gluster Stripe

Hi All,

I would like to clarify few things before some one does performance runs
on GlusterFS.

First of all, GlusterFS is not designed/intended to be used as a local
filesystem, ie, without n/w in picture it should not be used for any
kind of benchmark. Please do let us know the exact use cases to use
GlusterFS without n/w in picture, and we can consider that in our designs.

If you are comparing GlusterFS's performance to your local file system
(like XFS/ext4/btrfs etc), performance numbers would look bad, for sure
(at least for short future).

This is the main reason, we recommend understanding the use-case before
deploying GlusterFS. Try to run with similar workload on the setup to
run benchmarks, because the pattern of fops, type of volume, type of
hardware/ type of network, all of these has a effect on benchmark
numbers you would get.

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