[Gluster-users] glusterfs and postfix/dovecot

Jure Koren (Uninet) jure.koren+gluster at uninet.si
Thu Mar 15 14:36:52 UTC 2012

I am running gluster with dovecot and postfix on two active/active 
servers and it is working relatively OK.

Sometimes I get an index corrupted message in the mail.err log, but it's 
nothing serious. I've had an issue once when files were marked as bad 
and got tons of input/output errors, but I managed to solve it by 
removing the files from the background storage on one node and deleting 
extented attributes on the other node.


On 15.3.2012 13:47, Tiago A. Peçanha wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been reading a lot of posts of dovecot implementation on 
> clustered filesystems, while my first option was DRDB, I was suggested 
> to take a look at glusterfs for my scenario.
> Basically I'm considering a two server active-active scenario (or 
> active-passive at least), with mailboxes data replication. We have 
> actually 6,000 mailboxes and almost 300GB of data (and growing).
> I'm wondering...how had been your experience with glusterfs + 
> dovecot/postfix?
> I would appreciate any hints.
> Thanks,
> Tiago
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