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Scudamore, Peter Peter.Scudamore at pgi.com
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I have attached a gluster volume set help-xml from one of the backend servers. I replicated this error a few times so this particular test only has one backend server (running 3.3beta2) and the front-end server.

Also attached is the Gluster Management Gateway log file. The screenshot is redundant as it contains the exact same error message that is in glustermg.log. Just search for "Error during unmarshalling string". Note: There are some unrelated error messages at the top of the glustermg.log file. I had forgotten to set $JAVA_HOME.

Thanks again for your assistance.


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Hi Peter,

Can you please send the following details?

  - Output of "gluster volume set help-xml" from one of the backend 
servers. I'm assuming that all backend servers are running exactly same 
version of GlusterFS (3.3beta2)
  - The Gluster Management Gateway log file 
  - Screenshot of the error dialog you see on the UI


On Thursday 01 March 2012 11:20 PM, Scudamore, Peter wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to set up the Gluster Management Console (backend servers 
> - centos 6, glusterfs 3.3beta2, management gateway – centos 6). I can 
> launch the java app and make it through the password changing screen. 
> Then I choose “register” and input the cluster name and the IP of one 
> of the backend servers.
> I made it through the part where I had to set the root password on the 
> backend server to syst3m in order for the management gateway to set up 
> password-less authentication.
> Then a pop-up windows shows “sync-ing servers”. This goes away and I 
> am left with a huge error message. The first part says [500][Fetching 
> volume options info failed! [Error during unmashalling string…
> The rest of the error window looks to contain a “gluster volume set 
> help-xml” from the backend server. I performed this command on the 
> backend server to verify that the XML is returning properly and I am 
> not getting the “chopped-off-xml-issue” reported by other users.
> Please advise.
> Thanks,
> Peter
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