[Gluster-users] Gluster Management Console

Shireesh Anjal sanjal at redhat.com
Fri Mar 2 07:43:57 UTC 2012

Hi Peter,

Can you please send the following details?

  - Output of "gluster volume set help-xml" from one of the backend 
servers. I'm assuming that all backend servers are running exactly same 
version of GlusterFS (3.3beta2)
  - The Gluster Management Gateway log file 
  - Screenshot of the error dialog you see on the UI


On Thursday 01 March 2012 11:20 PM, Scudamore, Peter wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to set up the Gluster Management Console (backend servers 
> - centos 6, glusterfs 3.3beta2, management gateway – centos 6). I can 
> launch the java app and make it through the password changing screen. 
> Then I choose “register” and input the cluster name and the IP of one 
> of the backend servers.
> I made it through the part where I had to set the root password on the 
> backend server to syst3m in order for the management gateway to set up 
> password-less authentication.
> Then a pop-up windows shows “sync-ing servers”. This goes away and I 
> am left with a huge error message. The first part says [500][Fetching 
> volume options info failed! [Error during unmashalling string…
> The rest of the error window looks to contain a “gluster volume set 
> help-xml” from the backend server. I performed this command on the 
> backend server to verify that the XML is returning properly and I am 
> not getting the “chopped-off-xml-issue” reported by other users.
> Please advise.
> Thanks,
> Peter
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