[Gluster-users] Replicated Volumes restore data

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Thu Mar 1 14:26:35 UTC 2012


Replicated Volumes I created using the gluster volume create test-volume
replica 4 transport tcp noc-1:/mht noc-2 :/mht noc-3:/home/gluster

Virtual storage server is created successfully.

To test the server noc-1  has been disabled (disconnected the network

Files in the mount have been changed to noc-1 and noc-2

After turning north glusterfs error:

[root at noc-3] # cd / share

-bash: cd: / share: Input / output error

[root at noc-3] # df-h

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/ dev/mapper/vg_noc3m77-lv_root

                        50G 1.9G 45G 5% /

tmpfs 7.8G 12K 7.8G 1% / dev / shm

/dev/sda1 485M 37M 424M 8% / boot


                       483G 198M 459G 1% / home


                       482G 198M 457G 1% /share


gluster> volume info all


Volume Name: test-volume

Type: Replicate

Status: Started

Number of Bricks: 4

Transport-type: tcp


Brick1: noc-1:/mht

Brick2: noc-2:/mht

Brick3: noc-4:/home/gluster

Brick4: noc-3:/home/gluster



How can I recover data?



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