[Gluster-users] Memory leak with glusterfs NFS on 3.2.6

Rajesh Amaravathi rajesh at redhat.com
Thu Jun 21 06:49:19 UTC 2012

Hi all, 
I am looking into this issue, but could not make much from the statedumps. 
I will try to reproduce this issue. If i know what kind of operations (reads, writes, metadata r/ws, etc) are being done, 
and if there are any other configuration changes w.r.t GlusterFS, it'll be of great help. 

Rajesh Amaravathi, 
Software Engineer, GlusterFS 
RedHat Inc. 
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Hi Philip, 

I do have about the same problem that you describe. There is my setup: 

Gluster: Two bricks running gluster 3.2.6 

4 clients running native gluster fuse client. 
2 clients running nfs client 

My nfs client are not doing that much traffic but i was able to view after a couple days that the brick used to mount the nfs is having memory issue. 

i can provide more info as needed to help correct the problem. 



Le 2012-06-12 à 08:18, Philip Poten a écrit : 

2012/6/12 Dan Bretherton < d.a.bretherton at reading.ac.uk >: 

I wonder if this memory leak is the cause of the NFS performance degradation 

I reported in April. 


That's probable, since the performance does go down for us too when 
the glusterfs process reaches a large percentage of RAM. My initial 
guess was that it's the file system cache that's being eradicated, 
thus iowait increases. But a closer look at our munin graphs implies, 
that it's also the user space that eats more and more CPU 
proportionally with RAM: 


There are two restarts of the whole gluster process family visible on 
those graphs: one a week ago at the very beginning (white in the 
memory graph, as munin couldn't fork all it needed), and one 
yesterday. The drop between 8 and 9 was due to a problemv unrelated to 

Pranith: I just made one dump, tomorrow I'll make one more and mail 
them both to you so that you can compare them. While I just restarted 
yesterday, the leak should be visible, as the process grows a few 
hundred MB every day. 

thanks for the fast reply, 
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