[Gluster-users] Gluster 2.6 and infiniband

bxmatus at gmail.com bxmatus at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 08:34:05 UTC 2012


i have a problem with gluster 3.2.6 and infiniband. With gluster 3.3
its working ok but with 3.2.6 i have following problems:

when i'm trying to mount rdma volume using command mount -t glusterfs mount  i get:

[2012-06-07 04:30:18.894337] I [glusterfsd.c:1493:main]
0-/usr/local/sbin/glusterfs: Started running /usr/local/sbin/glusterfs
version 3.2.6
[2012-06-07 04:30:18.907499] E
[glusterfsd-mgmt.c:628:mgmt_getspec_cbk] 0-glusterfs: failed to get
the 'volume file' from server
[2012-06-07 04:30:18.907592] E
[glusterfsd-mgmt.c:695:mgmt_getspec_cbk] 0-mgmt: failed to fetch
volume file (key:/atlas1.rdma)
[2012-06-07 04:30:18.907995] W [glusterfsd.c:727:cleanup_and_exit]
[0x7f784e2c8bc9] (-->/usr/local/
lib/libgfrpc.so.0(rpc_clnt_handle_reply+0xa5) [0x7f784e2c8975]
(-->/usr/local/sbin/glusterfs(mgmt_getspec_cbk+0x28b) [0x40861b])))
0-: received signum (0)
, shutting down
[2012-06-07 04:30:18.908049] I [fuse-bridge.c:3727:fini] 0-fuse:
Unmounting 'mount'.

Same command without ".rdma" works ok.



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