[Gluster-users] Monitor replicated Gluster setup ?

Stefan Schloesser sschloesser at intermediate.de
Wed Jul 11 15:06:19 UTC 2012


I would like setup a HA (fail-over) webserver consisting of apache, mysql and a filesystem.

My Idea is to use GlusterFS as a replicated filesystem (for apache) and built-in mysql replication for the database. In the event of a failure I need to run a script to implement an ip switch.

How should I monitor such a system? Does Gluster provide an integration with corosync as a resource? Shall write a home-grown script to check availability? Are there other ways to monitor such a setup?

I guess it is not a good idea to keep the mysql data files on the glustered fs, or is that feasible?


Stefan Schlösser

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