[Gluster-users] how to enable nufa in 3.2.6

Amar Tumballi amarts at redhat.com
Fri Jul 6 08:32:17 UTC 2012

On 06/19/2012 07:08 AM, Frank Sonntag wrote:
> Hi all,
> I want to enable the NUFA translator on a distributed volume and I am
> uncertain about the correct way of doing this.

Well, NUFA translator is not being actively tested from the team. So, be 
aware that it may run into issues.

> As far as I can tell it's not possible to use the gluster CLI to either
> specify the translator when creating the volume or change the volume to use
> this translator after creating it.

That is true. Not supported through CLI. Gluster team is not working on 
that effort, contribution welcome to make a 'gluster volume create' 
option to create a volume with NUFA.

> I've found a few examples for NUFA configurations, but unfortunately they
> either do not specify the name of the configuration file to edit, or the name
> does not match the file names on my system.
> I ended up changing the files /etc/glusterd/vols/run-fuse.vol on both servers
> (which are also clients) adding in a sub-volume (run being the name of the
> volume). I added the nufa volume and disabled the dht volume (see below).

You figured it out right. Those are the files which needs changes.

> My first question is: is this the correct way of making configuration changes?

Correct ? may be...
Supported ? No

> The second issue is that the NUFA volume does not actually work. I can mount
> it and use it, but after writing a few files to the volume on both clients, I
> end up with empty files on the remote server:

That is the expected behavior of NUFA, ie, it creates files only 
locally, and as it uses 'cluster/distribute' translators code for most 
of the tasks, it needs a Distribute Link file (the empty file with 
permission -----T (01000)) to exist on the rightly hashed server.

As long as your applications are running fine, and you see files are 
created only in the local machine, I can say that NUFA is working as 


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