[Gluster-users] fc storage examples

Wojciech Giel wojciech.giel at cimr.cam.ac.uk
Mon Jan 30 13:53:21 UTC 2012

On 30/01/12 12:24, David Coulson wrote:
> Just to be clear, you are mounting the same LUN on both servers, or 
> providing two different LUNs, one to each box, then running gluster on 
> top?
yes. I want to mount the same LUN on both servers.
> What do you mean by 'multipathing'? Usually that indicates you have 2 
> or more FC paths to the same LUN or target.
exactly what you have said
> If you are mounting the same LUN, you will need a clustered volume 
> manager and filesystem (CLVMD + GFS2 or OCFS2). Gluster would probably 
> have a lot of issues working in this configuration, since it doesn't 
> know that the two bricks comprising your volume are really the same 
> thing.
ok. I see can't use gluster for this layout.
> If you are mounting two different LUNs, then you can just mkfs them 
> with ext4 or xfs and configure your gluster volume. As part of your 
> create command, you will need to specify the type of volume (replica, 
> distributed, striped, or some combination of the two).
I think this is what I have to do.
thanks for help
> David
> On 1/30/12 5:05 AM, Wojciech Giel wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I will have two servers with fc storage. storage will be connected 
>> with two links to both servers
>> ___________       ___________
>> | server 1 |        | server 2 |
>> --------------        --------------
>>       |  |                     |  |
>>      --------------------------
>>      |    storage              |
>>      --------------------------
>> on servers i will  have multipathing enabled. storage has only one 
>> volume and this volume will be mounted under /mnt/data. I want to 
>> enable glusterfs. How should I do it:
>> is it correct?
>> gluster volume create transport tcp server1:/mnt/data server2:/mnt/data
>> manuals don't shows examples with directly connected multi-home 
>> storage configurations.
>> Could you give some advice , best practice
>> thanks
>> Wojciech
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