[Gluster-users] fc storage examples

David Coulson david at davidcoulson.net
Mon Jan 30 12:24:15 UTC 2012

Just to be clear, you are mounting the same LUN on both servers, or 
providing two different LUNs, one to each box, then running gluster on 
top? What do you mean by 'multipathing'? Usually that indicates you have 
2 or more FC paths to the same LUN or target.

If you are mounting the same LUN, you will need a clustered volume 
manager and filesystem (CLVMD + GFS2 or OCFS2). Gluster would probably 
have a lot of issues working in this configuration, since it doesn't 
know that the two bricks comprising your volume are really the same thing.

If you are mounting two different LUNs, then you can just mkfs them with 
ext4 or xfs and configure your gluster volume. As part of your create 
command, you will need to specify the type of volume (replica, 
distributed, striped, or some combination of the two).


On 1/30/12 5:05 AM, Wojciech Giel wrote:
> Hello,
> I will have two servers with fc storage. storage will be connected 
> with two links to both servers
> ___________       ___________
> | server 1 |        | server 2 |
> --------------        --------------
>       |  |                     |  |
>      --------------------------
>      |    storage              |
>      --------------------------
> on servers i will  have multipathing enabled. storage has only one 
> volume and this volume will be mounted under /mnt/data. I want to 
> enable glusterfs. How should I do it:
> is it correct?
> gluster volume create transport tcp server1:/mnt/data server2:/mnt/data
> manuals don't shows examples with directly connected multi-home 
> storage configurations.
> Could you give some advice , best practice
> thanks
> Wojciech
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