[Gluster-users] Need to replace a brick on a failed first Gluster node

Greg Scott GregScott at Infrasupport.com
Sun Jan 22 23:58:55 UTC 2012

Looking on my good fw2 node in /etc/glusterd, I see:

[root at lme-fw2 glusterd]# pwd
[root at lme-fw2 glusterd]# ls
geo-replication  glusterd.info  nfs  peers  vols
[root at lme-fw2 glusterd]# more glusterd.info
[root at lme-fw2 glusterd]#
[root at lme-fw2 glusterd]#
[root at lme-fw2 glusterd]# ls peers
[root at lme-fw2 glusterd]# more peers/ce4dff10-54b6-4ef4-8760-8b31d1bf61e8
[root at lme-fw2 glusterd]#
Looking on my rebuilt fw1 node, I see:

[root at lme-fw1 openswan-2.6.37]# cd /etc/glusterd
[root at lme-fw1 glusterd]# ls
geo-replication  glusterd.info  nfs  peers  vols
[root at lme-fw1 glusterd]# more glusterd.info
[root at lme-fw1 glusterd]# ls peers
[root at lme-fw1 glusterd]#

So the new fw1's UUID is the same as what fw2 thinks it should be - wonder how that happened? If I do a gluster peer from fw1, then everything will sync back up again?  

- Greg

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Hi Greg,

2012/1/22 Greg Scott <GregScott at infrasupport.com>:
> My challenge is, the hard drive at failed.  This was the first
> Gluster node when I set everything up.   I replaced its hard drive and am
> rebuilding it.  I have a good copy of everything I care about in the
> brick.   My thought was, I could just remove the old
> brick and replica, then gluster peer and add it all back
> again.

It's far more simple: if you retain the same hostname/ip address on
the new machine, you need to make sure the new glusterd has the same
UUID of the old dead one (there is a file in /etc/glusterd),
configurations are automatically synced back at the first contact with
the other active nodes.

Instead, if you replace the node with a different node with different
hostname / ip:

Giovanni Toraldo - LiberSoft

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