[Gluster-users] Auto-mount on boot failing, works later

Whit Blauvelt whit.gluster at transpect.com
Mon Jan 16 17:59:52 UTC 2012

On Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 06:32:00PM +0100, Marcus Bointon wrote:
> You can see it's failing to connect to the local node, and then recording
> the gluster server starting a short time later. I'm pointing at localhost
> to get the share point rather than either of the external IPs. Is there
> some way to make it wait for gluster to be up? Alternatively, is it safer
> to point the mount at the other node on the basis that it's unlikely to be
> down at the same time as the current node? OTOH it's nice fro each node to
> be self-sufficient.

I find it well worth it to use autofs for anything beyond the most basic
local mounts. That is, mount your backing store with fstab, but your gluster
mounts (whether local or remote) with autofs.

If there's an argument against autofs other than the minor setup involved, I
don't know what it would be.


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