[Gluster-users] default reconnect timeout?

Carl Boberg carl.boberg at memnonnetworks.com
Tue Jan 10 08:25:23 UTC 2012


I have started evaluating GlusterFS for our application to share data and
everything seems very satisfactory so far :)
I only have a few questions that are about the timeout that happens when
one of the servers goes down.

We have a simple 2 server setup with 2 replicated volumes. About 10 clients
connecting to both of the volumes and filesizes range around a few bytes to
about a coupple of megs. Its a lot of files and folders...
When one of the servers goes down all clients seems to hang for about 40-50
seconds before being able to access files and folders again. Write
operations continues during this but i guess it is being done in memory
until the file is accessible again..
What controles this timeout? Is it possible to adjust it? Is it advisable
to adjust it, if you can?

Also greatful for any pointers to documentation regarding this.

Carl Boberg

Memnon Networks AB
Tegnérgatan 34, SE-113 59 Stockholm

Mobile: +46(0)70 467 27 12
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