[Gluster-users] help for different uid gid

Az diqi7410 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 02:51:56 UTC 2012


I have serval several servers , they all have a user “a” ,I try to mount
glusterfs client on them, but user “a” on two of them has different uid
gid with others,

So ,mount cause different permission.


I saw there was a solution:



        * root-squashing            GF_OPTION_TYPE_BOOL

        * read-only                 GF_OPTION_TYPE_BOOL

        * fixed-uid                 GF_OPTION_TYPE_INT

        * fixed-gid                 GF_OPTION_TYPE_INT

        * translate-uid             GF_OPTION_TYPE_ANY

        * translate-gid             GF_OPTION_TYPE_ANY

        * filter-uid                GF_OPTION_TYPE_ANY

        * filter-gid                GF_OPTION_TYPE_ANY


   But I can’t find the features/filter in glusterfs-3.2.4, 


If features/filter was deleted, how to deel with this problem.


Thank you

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