[Gluster-users] Re: iscsi with gluster i want to make it

Patrick Irvine pirv at cybersites.ca
Sat Feb 18 06:19:04 UTC 2012

Hi Viraj,

Gluster Ver. 3.x supports replication over WAN but currently very 
limited.  I assume it will expand as time moves on.

As for ISCSI.  I doubt Glusterfs will ever support ISCSI.  ISCSI 
operates at the block level.  Gluster only works on the filesystem 
level.  The only way to have iscsi on Gluster would be to export an 
iscsi target that is a file on gluster.

As for snapshot and deduplication in CIFS, I really don't know,  I'll 
pass that on to the other Gluster-users :)

Hope this helped,


On 16/02/2012 9:28 PM, viraj mastermind wrote:
> Hi Pat,
> Actually we are looking for product that will do replicated between 
> server in WAN
> but it should also support iscsi as we will be mounting it on windows 
> server, as we will be replicating data of windows volume
> so i thought that if i could create a iscsi lun on linux 
> system(centos) and mount it on windows server as a volume and then 
> those iscsi lun can be replicated across the many server. actually we 
> are preparing for DR.
> we will create the DR server in AWS EC2
> we tried some products and they are quite expensive so we are doing 
> some research in open source.
> Also does glusterfs support snapshot and deduplication in CIFS?
> and when could glusterfs start supporting iSCSI any timeline given.
> Thanks,
> Viraj
> On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 8:44 PM, Patrick Irvine <pirv at cybersites.ca 
> <mailto:pirv at cybersites.ca>> wrote:
>     Hi Viraj,
>     My experience with LVM is quite limited, but I think I can help a
>     bit.  Glusterfs is a file system only.  It does not contain the
>     block level hooks required by LVM, so you will not be able to
>     directly mount it as a block level device.  If you really want to
>     use glusterfs as the back end for the LVM you would need to mount
>     glusterfs into a directory and then use a loopback file on the
>     glusterfs mount point and then use that loopback file for the LVM
>     mount.
>     This approach seems like a lot of work.  What is your desired end
>     product?  Do you want gluster to serve a filesystem that sits on
>     top of an iscsi target?
>     Let me know if I have completely misunderstood what you where asking J
>     Pat.
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>     *Sent:* Tuesday, February 14, 2012 5:50 AM
>     *To:* pirv at cybersites.ca <mailto:pirv at cybersites.ca>
>     *Subject:* iscsi with gluster i want to make it
>     Hi Patrick,
>     the gluster community is not replying to my question
>     can you tell me how to mount the lvm in the gluster fs as i have
>     made two node in glusterfs
>     i have added two harddisk to mode the node and made it as a lvm
>     for iscsi target to work
>     now i want to mount lvm on the glusterfs as
>     some what like
>     **mount -t glusterfs server1:/test-volume /dev/vg1/lvs**
>     instead of mounting on to a folder
>     **mount -t glusterfs server1:/test-volume /mnt/glusterfs**
>     Please assist
>     Thanks and have a nice day
>     Viraj

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