[Gluster-users] Data checksumming

Matty matty91 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 18:32:25 UTC 2012

I'm pretty new to Gluster, though I really what like I've seen and
played with so far!! Does anyone happen to know if Gluster checksums
data that is written to disk? I've used ZFS quite a bit in the past,
and dig the fact that it checksums every block of data that is written
to disk. This allows the file system to self-heal itself when a
checksum doesn't match (this assumes you are utilizing mirroring or
RAIDZ), and you can use the scrub feature to check the integrity of
your data. Here is one example of this:


I'm curious if something similar exists for Gluster, or if a
translator could be developed to do this? I've been reading Jeff
Darcy's translator 101 series, and it seems like this wouldn't be
super difficult to add. Curious what others think.

- Ryan

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