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Jeff White jaw171 at pitt.edu
Fri Feb 17 18:04:49 UTC 2012

I agree with Lauro:

Redundancy != Backup

Except in special cases such as an HPC cluster where result data can be 
huge and difficult to backup but the data can be recomputed without much 
fuss if it is lost, you need backups.  Even in the case you decide you 
don't need them then everyone who uses/owns/creates the data much be 
made aware of the risk.  Some HPC centers tell their users outright that 
they don't back up and their users are on their own.

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On 02/17/2012 11:55 AM, John Lauro wrote:
> Just a warning about not doing backups because things are so reliable...
> Due to all the redundancy, I don't recall the last time I used a backup
> for a hardware failure.  That said, I do need them for user error...
> Unless those two copies of the data are protected from each other and not
> replicated instantly...  a user error will mess up both copies as quickly
> as one.
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>> On Fri, 17 Feb 2012, Matty wrote:
>>> How are folks backing up large amounts of data in their gluster file
>>> systems? Replication? Snapshots and archival? As file systems grow to
>>> 1PB the conventional backup to disk / tape methodology needs to
>>> change. We are putting a lot of thought into this subject here.
>> At lest on our end, we don't have backups.... We just make sure we have
> 2
>> copies of the data on RAID6 hardware.
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