[Gluster-users] non x86_64 architectures

Tengvall, Ilkka (NSN - FI Espoo) ilkka.tengvall at nsn.com
Wed Feb 15 12:01:47 UTC 2012


I'm convinced about GlusterFS's superiority :) to the point I want to
evaluate it on a cluster. But the cluster in question would be
multi-architecture cluster, consisting on blades running x86_64, x86,
mips and ppc. So I understand my chances are rather thin to find
experience on it, but I ask you anyway.

Does the community have experience or know someone that is running
GlusterFS on non x86_64 environment, what is to be expected?

Since it's userspace stuff, I don't see why in theory it wouldn't work
cross-compiled on non x86_64, but likely it lacks testing in such env.

To be more precise about the setup, the data hosting nodes with the
disks would be x86(_64) and it would be enough to just FUSE mount it
from the other nodes of foreigh architecture. Perhaps this makes the
situation somewhat easier than requiring all the features on non x86_64


 Ilkka Tengvall

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