[Gluster-users] Migrate and reduce volume

Scott Barber scott at imemories.com
Mon Feb 13 22:13:13 UTC 2012

We're running v3.2.3 and we have a failing piece of hardware that runs
a brick (brick A). I have another brick (Brick B) in the volume that
has some data on it, but has enough spare room for the data that's on
brick A.

If I run replace-brick like:
gluster volume replace-brick myvolume server1:/brick-a server2:brick-b start

- would the data currently on brick B be wipeed?
- would any new data written to the volume *not* be written to brick
A? (ie: does brick A go into a sort of read-only mode?)

If the data in brick B is still ok after the migration I plan on then
decommissioning brick A.

Scott Barber

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