[Gluster-users] best practices? 500+ win/mac computers, gluster, samba, new SAN, new hardware

D. Dante Lorenso dante at lorenso.com
Wed Feb 1 18:30:51 UTC 2012

On 1/28/12 5:46 PM, Matthew Mackes wrote:
> Hello,
> You are on the right track.Your mount points are fine.I like to mount my
> Gluster storage under /mnt/gluster and place my bricks inside /STORAGE.
> I think that you are planing many more network interfaces per node then
> your 4 (even 8) SATA drives per node at 7200 RPM will require. 2
> aggregate ports should be plenty for heavy load, and one for normal use.
> In my experience the 7200 RPM SATA drives will be your bottleneck.
>   15,000 RPM SAS is a better choice for a storage node that requires
> heavy storage load.

OMG, drive prices are insane!  Just 4 x 2TB SATA drives cost more than 
the rest of an entire 2U system.  We are considering getting Desktop 
drives temporarily and waiting for Thailand to rebuild before filling 
out the remainder of our disk arrays!

> The only case I can think of for 4+ network interfaces per machine is if
> you intend to subnet your Gluster SAN network from your normal network
> used for storage access and administration. In that case you could bond
> 2 interfaces for the Gluster SAN network (for replication, stripping, et
> between nodes) and the other pair bonded for  your SAMBA and management
> access.

We are thinking now to just get 4 nics.  2 bonded for the storage 
network and 2 bonded for the Samba interface to the LAN.  That outta do 
it.  I think your math on the drive speed vs network speed is right.

-- Dante

D. Dante Lorenso
dante at lorenso.com

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