[Gluster-users] Gluster and public/private LAN

Washer, Bryan bwasher at netsuite.com
Wed Dec 19 15:15:15 UTC 2012

<html><body>How did you set it up?  Did you export via NFS on the 10GB and then ran
gluster on the IB?  OR was it all native mountsŠ.if it was native
mountsŠhow did you make it listen on a different interface from the one
used by the bricks to talk to each other?  I did not think this was


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>I've built gluster systems that did the internal stuff over an IB network
>and did the external stuff over 10G..
>I didn't even think about it and it just worked.
>On Dec 18, 2012, at 11:26 PM, Shawn Heisey wrote:
>> I have an idea I'd like to run past everyone.  Every gluster peer would
>>have two NICs - one "public" and the other "private" with different IP
>>subnets.  The idea that I am proposing would be to have every gluster
>>peer have all private peer addresses in /etc/hosts, but the public
>>addresses would be in DNS.  Clients would use DNS.
>> The goal is to have all peer-to-peer communication (self-heal,
>>rebalance, etc) happen on the private network, leaving all the bandwidth
>>on the public network available for client connections.
>> Will this work on 3.3.1 or newer? If the volume information that
>>gluster clients and servers pass to each other only has hostnames, I
>>would expect it to work.  Of course I would have the usual scalability
>>problems associated with relying in part on /etc/hosts, but knowing that
>>in advance, we can take the proper precautions.
>> Side note: the public and private NICs would each actually be a bonded
>>pair and plugged into separate switches for network redundancy.
>> Thanks,
>> Shawn
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