[Gluster-users] Manually move data between bricks

Alexandros Soumplis soumplis at ekt.gr
Mon Dec 3 17:32:12 UTC 2012

A follow up:

I've gone some steps further by manually moving some data (4GB out of a 
1,4TB brick) and then issuing a rebalance again seems to do the rest of 
the job (already working 2 hours, moving data out of the full bricks to 
the others). So two new questions arise:

1. Is this procedure considered to be safe ? ( stop volume -> stop 
glusterd -> mv data between bricks -> start glusterd -> start volume)
2. Could the problem occur due to the fact that there was insufficient 
space for the .glusterfs directory to write data ?


On 01/12/2012 11:54 πμ, Alexandros Soumplis wrote:
> I have a distributed gluster volume on 2 nodes. This volume had 1 
> brick on each node and by time it became full. I have added 3 extra 
> bricks and issued a rebalance on the volume, yet one of the original 
> bricks is still 100% full and this causes the dht-translator to throw 
> disk full errors on clients when it attempts to write on this brick as 
> it seems it does not take into account the fact that this brick is full.
> The question is whether it is possible to manually move data from the 
> full brick to other bricks with plenty of available space and if 
> possible, how can I do it (I suppose it is not just a volume stop and 
> data mv)
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