[Gluster-users] Samba > NFS > Gluster leads to runaway lock problem after many stable months

Whit Blauvelt whit.gluster at transpect.com
Thu Aug 30 13:44:30 UTC 2012

> Hoping someone has a clearer view of this. Are there respects in which
> Gluster's NFS is 32-bit rather than 64? Or that xfs on a 64-bit system is?

I'm seeing that XFS is said to require an inode64 mount option to not run
into various problems, and that this if often considered an example of XFS
not having been properly updated in recent years. See:


Given that my XFS Gluster NFS mount does not have inode64 set (although it's
only 500G, not the 2T barrier beyond which that's evidently strictly
required), and the likelihood that that led to yesterday's problem, what's
the course to fix this? 

The XFS FAQ says it's possible to switch to inode64 and then switch back, if
desired. Does the Gluster context complicate doing this?


Also, that FAQ says some older, unspecified flavors of NFS can't handle
inode64. I should assume Gluster's NFS isn't one of them, right?



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