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Fernando Frediani (Qube) fernando.frediani at qubenet.net
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9 of 10 people I have seen here reported very poor performance when running VMs. Obviously they run, but al the performance tests gave results that no one would expect to get. So yes it works for low profile virtual server, like quite web servers, etc, but not in general. Any peak you need it can't accomplish and it does need improvements on Gluster code.
You can't add it to oVirt and tell people, "Look, it's there but it's only for lwo profile servers that don't require any significant performance". People don't wouldn't even consider that.
Also you seem to eb mounting Gluster inside the VM which is not the case here. On oVirt that would be for hosting the VM's images.



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It's only "far from good" for certain use cases, not all. I'm actually quite pleased that GlusterFS emphasizes C & P over A and none of my users complain ( I use raw images for 14 kvm vms on one of my GlusterFS volumes ). Those VMs mount GlusterFS volumes for their application data. 
Very little is done on the raw image.

Not everybody that uses virtualization is going to be marketing those VMs to 3rd parties that expect it to pretend to be an isolated system.

On 08/24/2012 01:58 AM, Fernando Frediani (Qube) wrote:
> Vijay, how are you planning to integrate Gluster with oVirt (a fantastic idea in my opinion) if the performance when running .qcow2 or even .raw files is far from good at the moment ?
> Fernando
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